Archetype – Rimu    

Archetype – Rimu
  • Traditional design solid rimu with a modern edge
  • Environmentally preferable real timber, no plastic, minimal glue
  • Ethically sourced timber certified sustainably harvested rimu


The Rimu Archetype reinterprets a traditional shape with a modern design edge.

It is crafted from certified sustainably harvested North Island rimu which is untreated and has absolutely no added chemicals.

The Archetype design is traditional with notable enhancements. The handles are integrated in wood so metal or plastic handles are not required. The interior is a feature and does not need to be hidden with fabric. The finishing touch is the wool fleece mattress which complements the wood grain. The lid is fixed by wooden keys (supplied) and can be clipped to the sides when open. The timber has a fine finish and is coated with oil.